Broddick Chiro Web-199Many adults go to chiropractors and benefit from a musculo-skeletal system that functions at a higher level.  I am in no way a pushy person and I prefer to allow my patients to take control of their health and make their own decisions.  However, it amazes me the number of patients that have never considered having their children or babies assessed by me.  The benefits of chiropractic in children and babies is truly unbelievable.  I see a lot of babies that come in because they are colicky or constipated.  Research has shown huge improvements in colic when parents bring their baby to a chiropractor for kids.  Unfortunately, babies cannot say to us what is bothering them but the colic can be simply a result of neck and back pain.  The birth/delivery process can be traumatic and can cause the spinal column to shift and put extra pressure on nerves that exit the spinal cord, and lead to colic or constipation in babies.  As for kids, they are generally very active and more prone to falls than adults.  Lots of falls paired with gymnastics or sports and you may understand why the spinal column can be shifted out of line and may or may not cause pain (the pain may appear later in life).  Will I be using the same techniques and force that I use with adults during adjustments on children/babies?  As a chiropractor for kids, the force used and techniques employed are completely different when compared to chiropractic for adults.  In children and babies, very minimal pressure and force is required to deliver the same great results that adults experience when being treated by the chiropractor.  Chiropractic is extremely safe for kids and babies and they often respond faster to chiropractic adjustments than adults!  Chiropractic is not for everyone, and this applies to not only adults but children and babies as well.  However, if you are interested, I would be happy to explain the procedure and what to expect during the treatment.  You have to be comfortable in order for the chiropractic treatments to be most effective.  As a chiropractor for kids, I want to make sure that each treatment is a positive experience as we all know that a bad experience can stay with you for years to come.  Dr. Ryan Broddick

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