New findings have indicated that the old way of managing concussions and post concussion symptoms may no longer be correct.  As recent as ten years ago, National Football League (NFL) teams medical staff would check a player for a concussion by asking them “how many fingers am I holding up?”  The way that concussions and post concussion symptoms have been treated up until this point is: rest, limiting activity and avoiding bright light.  However, media attention due to lawsuits and continued research is changing the way concussions are handled by professional sports teams and this information can better help the general population as well.

So what has changed?

Firstly, there are detailed tests available to test for concussions.  This allows for proper diagnosis and ensures the patient’s safety.  It has been determined that there are various classes of concussions and they all present with different symptoms.

Secondly, concussions are no longer treated with strict bed rest and avoidance of activity.  In fact, research at various medical and rehabilitation clinics and hospitals has found that many people suffering from concussions and post concussion symptoms often recover faster when introduced to activity sooner.

If you think you may have suffered a concussion do not put yourself at risk!  Get assessed!  Concussions and chiropractic are a great mix.  I would be happy to assess your symptoms, check your cervical spine (neck) and provide you with some options.

If you still aren’t convinced….it is important to note that superstar NHL hockey player, Sidney Crosby, suffered off and on a couple of seasons ago with post concussion symptoms.  It was not until he attended a chiropractic clinic that he experienced sustained relief and returned to the National Hockey League for good.  He credits his chiropractor for allowing him to return to the game he loves.

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