This is a common question at the clinic.  As a chiropractor, I can help relieve various musculoskeletal aches and pains but many patients are unaware of the benefits of foot orthotics and that many chiropractors are able to prescribe them.  Did you know that problems with the arches in your feet, shape of the feet or the positioning of your feet can lead to pain higher up?  There has been endless published research studies that have shown a link between foot “issues” and ankle, knee, hip, low back and even upper back and neck pain.  It is hard to imagine the link but it does exist!  I am not saying that all pain can be traced back to the feet, but if treatments are not helping, or if you would like your treatments to last longer then this is something to consider checking out.  At the clinic, we offer a digital foot scan which evaluates how the feet are positioned and where the high and low pressure point areas are located.  We compare your scan to what is considered “normal” and check your gait (the way you walk) and find out what kind of pain you are experiencing.  If you are a candidate for foot orthotics then additional measurements are taken and a foam cast is taken of your feet.  This final step allows the orthotic manufacturing laboratory to custom fit an orthotic to your specific feet.  The patient’s sex, weight, age, activity level, occupation and footwear worn are all considered when choosing correct foot orthotics.

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