Chiropractic (taken from the Greek word meaning “treatment by hand”) is a form of manual therapy that focuses on the condition of the spine, joints, and nervous system. It is a safe and natural means of maintaining the overall health of your body. Chiropractors utilize a holistic approach to medicine, addressing the entire person. Their goal is to discover the underlying cause of symptoms and to correct the problem rather than simply masking pain.

During an adjustment, chiropractors apply a controlled, sudden force to a joint of the back, neck and sometimes other joints of the body to reposition or alleviate tension in an area and to restore proper function to the joint. This maneuver can sometimes result in a “popping” sound (caused by the release of a gas bubble) when there is a separation of the joint surfaces. To further complement the effectiveness of each treatment, exercises and nutritional advice may be provided.

Following a complete history taking and orthopedic/neurological examination, a treatment plan will be created. Along with chiropractic adjustments/mobilizations, we may incorporate other modalities into your treatment plan such as: soft tissue massage, electrotherapy, shockwave, medical acupuncture, therapeutic ultrasound and cold laser therapy. Any combination of these therapies may be used depending on your individual needs.

Initial Chiropractic Appointment

During an initial chiropractic appointment,  a comprehensive medical history will be completed and the patient’s overall physical health will be assessed. A variety of tools and techniques are used to address immediate concerns and future goals of the patient. This appointment is used to assess the patient’s overall health so that a patient-centred treatment plan can be made. Treatment is always included during the new patient exam unless testing (in rare cases) indicates imaging or referral is required.

Subsequent Chiropractic Appointment

A subsequent chiropractic appointment is utilized to address a distinct concern, or multiple concerns, using chiropractic manipulations, mobilizations and modalities (cold laser, ultrasound, electrotherapy, shockwave, cryotherapy, moist heat therapy). Appointment time is approximately 20 minutes.