Registered Massage therapy

We Offer These Treatment Types

Traditional Swedish Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage therapy is used to treat many different conditions. It works by manipulating the muscles and other soft tissues in the joint to cause the intended relief. Relief may be relaxation in nature or pain relief.

Common conditions traditional swedish massage can help include: Sciatica, Headaches and migraines, Low back pain, Muscle Strains(pulled muscles), Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Bursitis, Stress, Sleep Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, Carpal Tunnel, Sport Related Injuries and many more

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a form of traditional massage when the deeper layers of muscle are released. This type of treatment is commonly confused with deep pressure massage which is when the therapist applied more pressure to the muscles but does not necessarily work the deeper layers of muscle. While this form of treatment is not for the faint of heart, it can be very effective in cases where a deep seeded pain persists.

Common conditions deep tissue massage can help include: Long lasting muscular pain, Deep rooted pain, athletic recovery, old and recurring injuries and much more.

TMJD massage

TMJD Massage is a form of massage that is used to treat disorders of the Jaw. TMJD or temporal mandibular joint dysfunction is very common and typically left untreated. TMJD can cause Bruxism (grinding of the teeth), Headaches, Dental damage and even “Lock Jaw” (Medically called Trismus). TMJD Massage releases the muscles involved in these conditions to create a response to send the signals back to normal. By working the muscles of the jaw (both inside and outside of the mouth) we can create the regular functions of the muscles even after these conditions have begun.

Common conditions TMJD massage can help include: Post Dental work pain and stiffness, Bruxism (teeth grinding), Trismus (Lock Jaw), Headaches, Jaw “Clicking” and many more.

Kinetic Taping

Also known as Kin-Tape or K-Tape, is used in many forms to assist with a massage treatment. It is a form of cotton tape with different stretch levels that can be applied for many conditions. It is typically used to either splint or lift tissues to help with decreasing swelling.

Common conditions kinetic taping can help include: Sprains or strains, Swelling, bruising, postural problems, weak joints and much more.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is a Swedish massage performed on someone who is currently pregnant. It involves all the same things as a traditional Swedish massage but with minor modifications due to the pregnancy. It is important to tell your massage therapist as soon as you know you’re pregnant to ensure all the proper safety modifications are utilized.